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James Monroe's Letters to Edmund Randolf

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In the first part of Monroe’s September 10, 1795 letter, he reports to have finally been honored with a letter from the Secretary. He expresses confidence that the Secretary has been responding, but questions why they letters are not being received in a timely fashion. Next, he reiterates that he would like to hear the Secretary's thoughts in regards to the Jay Treaty so that the United States can decide if they intend on obtaining aid from France. Monroe encourages a timely decision because he feels that France's efforts to maintain a close friendship with the United States will likely diminish in light of Jay's Treaty. Monroe reports that the progress made by General Pichegru is negligible. He reports that the French governments adoption of a new Constitution is ready to go before the primary assemblies for ratification. According to Monroe, if the Constitution is adopted, it will establish a Republican government as the preferential system, which would be desirable. He claims that the army has unanimously approved it and that many members of the Convention would be transferred over to the new government; furthermore, the transfers would be advantageous to the new Republic. One issue, according to Monroe, may be that since most revolutionary activity had occurred in Paris, the new government may wish to have a complete change of members. Monroe speculates that the issue will not keep the Constitution from being ratified. Lastly, a post script reports that the French army has successfully crossed the Rhine and is achieving military victories via strong fortifications on the opposite shore.