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James Monroe's Letters to Edmund Randolf

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Monroe begins this October 4, 1795 letter with the announcement that on behalf of the United States, a treaty with Algiers has been made. Although there were some initial communication issues, Monroe claims that they will be cleared up when Colonel Humphreys returns stateside. Next, he states his intentions, along with Colonel Humphreys, to request France's aid in the form of amicable mediation and interference, with regards to the negotiations between America and the Barbary powers. Monroe reports that there will be a discussion on how the US plans to obtain the aid from France that the Committee and the Commissary have already explicitly promised. He reasons that time must be taken to ensure that the proper routes be followed by the chosen emissary, Joel Barlow. Monroe reports that Barlow also has accepted the post as an American Consul for Algiers. Lastly, Monroe comments on General Pichegru's crossing of the Rhine and his successful efforts to conquer Manheim.